J.W. Anderson – Spring / Summer 2017

J.W. Anderson plays mixing and matching with mature sophistication an flair. This time the designer brings back the Elizabethan era, and infuses in Tudor sleeves and ruffs a brust of avant-garde minimalism, topped with pop prints, tye die patterns and dangly earrings. Silhouettes borrowed from the Golden Age are skillfully destructured and reworked into modern assemblages of shirred and pleated blouse-bombers attached to asymmetrical skirts, while quilted patchwork uniforms embellished on the shoulders line with corset lacing and frills give new meaning to 16th century clothing staples. What could easily come out as an experimental mess, in the hands of Jonathan Anderson ends up looking sleek and coherent with his signature’s eccentrically chic aesthetic.

  • J.W. Anderson – Spring / Summer 2017

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


     J.W. Anderson