Kamilla Hoffmann – Inside the Outside

The emerging designer Kamilla Hoffmann draws inspiration from Danish painter J.F. Willumsen’s artworkJotunheiman” (1893) for her collection “Inside the Outside”, based on the relationship between man and his existence in the world. Kamilla, after a degree in Handicrafts & Clothes Shaping and a MA in Fashion Desing at the Danish Desing School, debuted with her pieces during the last Copenhagen Fashion Week, reinventing the functionalism through her contemporary mood. Like the “duble” vision of Merleau-Ponty or Cézanne, the subject looks at the dress and begins to see the world through it, he is both outside and inside himself, as when we reflect on the reality in which we are always inevitably immersed. The juxtaposition of a machine-knitted pattern and a digitally printed textile that simulates photographs of the knitted patterns opens a new visual perspective, creating a sort of optical illusion. The rationalism of the shapes and the geometric cutting of the fabrics bring out all the traditional Scandinavian minimalism, however Hoffmann’s creations keep their unique look through their kind of surrealistic spirit. The collection blends classic elements with the unfamiliar, reaching a perfect balance that reveals the great technical and imaginative skills of this young and fresh designer.

  • Kamilla Hoffmann – Inside the Outside

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Kamilla Hoffmann