KUBORAUM – K0 01 Collection

Born between the walls of the conceptually disturbing gallery-store PASTPRESENT, placed in the vibrant area of Kreutzberg, Berlin, KUBORAUM debuts as a new brand of minimal sunglasses. Starting from the name “cubic room,” everything seem to refer at something clean, white and bare, strict yet welcoming, just like KUBORAUM’s masks are; solid geometries shaped on the face of the wearer, made for re-designing his features.

The designer Livio Graziottin and co-founder of the brand Sergio Eusebi wanted to create a protective screen offered by perfect lenses through which obstruct the chaos of the world. The oversize basic mount in vintage style is like the frame of a shelter far from everyday life, distant but never really detached, a sort of aristocratic place from where to see reality under a different perspective, modulated by the square and rounded lenses. The masks are also a shelter from ourselves, they represent the fake of identity and make us able to constantly change our character, showing to the others just what we want. “Dreamed in Berlin, handmade in Italy”, each piece blends the visionary German creativity with the traditional Italian craftsmanship.

KUBORAUM has his corner at PASTPRESENT and immediately became a cult object of several cutting-edge boutiques like Darklands, in Berlin, Frida, in Frankfurt, and Monocle, in Rome.

  • KUBORAUM – K0 01 Collection

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci




    Special Thanks

    Sergio Eusebi