KUBORAUM – The Metal Project

With complete freedom of materials and process, the sculptor turns his creative ideas into three-dimensional works.

KUBORAUM shares a similar approach for eyewear design. The Berlin-based brand creates innovative optical frames and sunglasses that combine fine craftsmanship and boundary less experimentation. Carved from special primal materials such as pure horn or sterling silver, the “masks“ disguise the face of the wearer and embody an intimate idea of protection. The bold designs re-shape the individual features, at the same time enhancing certain aspects of the personality. There is a subtle synergy that connects the owner and the glasses from which depends the latter’s perfect fit. KUBORAUM’s ongoing research project lately focused on metals. Sergio Eusebi and Livio Graziottin, creative minds behind the brand, realized pioneering frames in brass, bronze and burnt acetate, featuring exclusive porcelain details. The glasses incorporate architectural and futurist-inspired suggestions to iconic rounded shapes from the past such as the classic aviator. A mix of antique and contemporary elements gives to each pair a timless taste. Conceived as the first chapter of the metal project, KUBORAUM is currently developing new masks in more angular shapes that will be presented at Silmo Paris in September 2015 .

  • KUBORAUM – The Metal Project

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