When two experimental dimensions collide, the released creative power is like an explosive electro shock.

The white, bare and essential spaces of Monocle Eyewear Gallery perfectly hosted KUBORAUM’s masks, as if an architect included them into the place’s geometry from the beginning of his designed project. This deep consistency of aesthetics gains additional value considering the constant research, even risky at times, driven by both, KUBORAUM and Monocle, in the world of optics. You truly need visionary talent to surprise when your only creative tools are lenses and frame, a very little range compared to the infinite number of elements that any other designer usually has at his disposal. Livio Graziottin, creator of the brand, and Sergio Eusebi, marketing director, dare with eclectic and precious materials, like the gold and silver detailing, industrial treatments, such as the burning process, and solid shapes, while Monocle challenge the stricty traditional roman public with an avant-garde selection of luxurious glasses. But the extreme freedom of braves always offers a priceless reward, and the astonishing success of KUBORAUM, as well as the niche status achieved by Monocle throughout the years, are proof of this.

Following the glow of light reverbering from the bell jars to the lens, we got lost in the reflection of a mirror, finding a new identity, or perhaps nothing more than our own self renewed, wearing a mask.

  • KUBORAUM Pop-Up Store at MONOCLE

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci



    Special Thanks

    Serigio Eusebi