Le Paradox Agency Open Doors

Recently Le Paradox Magazine extended its creative sphere beyond the editorial field, and launched a creative energy to support and promote up-and-coming talents in the the fashion, art and design world. To celebrate this new beginning early this week Le Paradox Agency hosted an open door day in Paris, introducing the Spring / Summer 2017 collections of Asciari Milano, Ahirain, PHP Leather, Carlo Maria Pelagallo and Alysée Yin Chen. Apart from fundamental differences between the brands, they all share a similar approach to fashion, which consist in rejecting mass production and seasonal trends in favor of timeless designs that praise old-school craftsmanship and showcase a careful attention to details. In line with Le Paradox‘s minimalist and experimental aesthetic, the featured designers were linked together by a deep understanding of the nature of primal materials, selected and developed locally, and find inspiration in rough beauty, boasting simple elegence with an avant-garde twist. Faithful to Le Paradox Agency‘s multidisciplinary approach, the exhibition also included a new series of hand-made ceramics by architect and interior designer Sophie Dries, enriched by ikebana arrangements by florist Arturo Arita specifically made for the occasion.

  • Le Paradox Agency Open Doors

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci

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    Arturo Arita
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