Le Paradox for Ageless Einzelganger Season 03

Ageless Einzelgänger is an up and coming brand sketched in New York and made in Japan. Brainchild of creative duo Kie Hye Lee and Jin Lee, who created the company in 2016, the brand has as an “anti-fashionable” approach to the fashion industry, rejecting any seasonal trends to pursue an ideal of timeless luxury crafted for the single individual.

We hosted a gathering during Paris Men’s Fashion Week to unveil a special artistic istallation realized in collaboration with Ageless Einzelganger as well as the brand’s third collection. To honor the brand’s fascination with Japan and its minimalist aesthetics, we called on board renowed chef Atsushi Tanaka from Restaurant A.T, who drafted a menù of Japanese canapés inspired by the clothing paired with biodynamic wines.

The creative journey of Ageless Einzelgänger‘s third collection begings with children’s fascination with adults’ clothing, and in particular with uniforms. As children are famous to emulate, looking at their parents off to work in traditional workwear during Japan roaring 20’s made them dreams about their future jobs. Kie Hye Lee and Jin Lee imagined the ideal wardrobe that matched with the children’s fantasy. Another source of inspiration was Tokyo electronic music scene during the 80’s, and in particular the experimental music band Y.M.O. (Yello Music Orchestra) formed by Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi and famous composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. The movie / documentary Y.M.O Propaganda, where the band build an extremely poetic narrative around one of their most famous concerts, influenced Ageless Einzelgänger’s imagery and connected with their passion for Japanese propaganda posters from the 30’s and 40’s. The sleek and utilitarian design of the advertising shaped Ageless Einzelgänger’s stationery and seasonal presentation.

In spirit with the ethos of the brand, aimed to create timeless, unisex, garments that age with the wearer, the Spring / Summer collection strongly focuses on the quality of primal materials. Each outfit comes in the essential color variation of kuro as black, and kinari as the undyed fabrics, in order to emphasize the natural features of the textiles and showcase the artisanal process behind the making of the pieces.

  • Le Paradox for Ageless Einzelganger Season 03

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Dario Ruggiero
    Ageless Einzelganger


    Restaurant A.T
    4bis Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005 Paris

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    Atsushi Tanaka