LE PARADOX in Conversation With Munoz Vrandecic

Chilean designer Miguel Munoz Wilson, founder of Munoz Vrandecic, pays homage to the past updating ancient artisianal working techniques to realize exclusive jewelry and leather goods. Miguel studied fine arts and sculpture at the University of Arts in Madrid and, after having successfully worked as a sculptor for almost ten years, in 1992 he decided to approach the fashion field in a rather conceptual way. We had the chance to visit Miguel‘s studio in Madrid and we sat down with him to discuss about his background and future plans.

Miguel, you’ve studied sculpture, how much does it influence your design techniques?
This intricately defines me a lot. On the on hand, the aesthetic point of view is pivotal and in the other way it allowed me to develop a sense of constructing 3 dimensional pieces. I think this is quite recognizable in my work. My acquired sculpture techniques allow me to invent the way I construct my pieces. In my work, I do not use traditional techniques. One could say that I am constantly re-inventing and re-interpreting design, as I did when studying sculpture…

How did you approach the design field?
The sculpture was my initial starting point. I asked myself how I could give my sculptures an utility, I mean how could I made them useful. As opposed to a mere contemplative display of aesthetic and techniques. Hence, I found the answer in my fashion pieces, where I can express myself applying all my knowledge from sculpture and design.

Which school dominates your work, the artistic or the fashion one?
I would say both, it would be a half and half mix.
The sculptural is dominant, when it comes tothe construction and aesthetics. Whereas the fashion elements are crucial in the design process and the creation of 4 collections a year for both men and women.

What kind of materials do you usually use in your creations and where you source them?
Generally, I work with 3 basic materials cowhide leather, wood and metals such as: bronze, gold and silver. All this materials are specially and carefully treated in order for them to obtain their final look. Afterwards, I add some poetic materials. That is how I would call them. Some of the cast for this poetic materials is made up by forgotten objects, archaeological pieces that were important at some time, such as wooden legs of chairs, antique religious books, old silver spoons, motherpearl baby buttons, natural hair, seashells, pearls, antique coins and keys.

Do you have any recycling purposes in your activities?
My reasons for recycling materials are more sociological, poetic and romantic than purely idealistic.This recovered materials are like a little window that takes me to the past and also helps me to project myself to the future.

How does the public react to your products?
The edition of my collections is limited, so my public is a selected one. My following understands the essence of my work.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
My inspiration is my everyday constant work in process.

What do you think about today’s fashion?
I think fashion today is eclectic.

Finally, describe your work in three words.
Solid, Analogic and Futurist.

  • LE PARADOX in Conversation With Munoz Vrandecic

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