Le Paradox Sustainable Showroom Presents Conscious New Talents

After natural resources, meaning oil and gas, fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet. It is mandatory for new generations of designers to take action to keep both creativity and the Earth alive.

As we have always been supporting small businesses that follow an artisanal approach to design, we launched Le Paradox Showroom to gather together a series of high-end emerging talents that are actively working to educate old and new waves of luxury consumers on how to consume consciously, praising quality over quantity, respect over expoitation and slow over fast. Our aim is to share the message that sustainable fashion is actually possible to make and further more it can be extremely sophisticated. Each designer we represented collaborates with communities of artisans worldwide to empower the craftsmen figure and honorate women’s unique generating force. We partnered with the fair trade cacao company the Cacao Club to welcome showroom’s visitors with a small cacao ritual that made them forget the usual hectiness of the fashion week and sales campaign season. Ultimately our goal is to make a shift in the fashion and retail industry and turning it into a space of artistic expression, kindness, respect and beauty that benefits both the planet and the human being.

The represented talents were Alama Project, Awaveawake, Hala Kaiksow, luna del Pinal. Alama Project is a culture-to-wear jewelry label created by a group of Maasai women artisans in partnership with the NGO Africa Amini Alama and the two creatives Elisabeta Tudor and Nini Gollong. AWAVEAWAKE is an Earth conscious collection of luxury basics designed by Jaclyn Hodes made of naturally dyed, sustainably manufactured silk, bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. Hala Kaiksow is an artisan and designer from Bahrein. All Hala’s fabrics and garments are hand knitted on a traditional loom and dyed with natural elements. Luna del Pinal is a Guatemalan brand designed by Gabriela Luna and Corina del Pinal. The creative duo consciously employs traditional techniques to create handmade pieces with a contemporary aesthetic.

  • Le Paradox Sustainable Showroom Presents Conscious New Talents

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