Les Collectionneuses – A special on Marie Laffont by Stephanie Lou

Rational thoughts surrend to surreal fantasties that inspire artistic objects shaped by skilled hands. Stephanie Lou pictures Gemma and Fatou as Marie Laffont‘s artsy socialites living in a world where old glamour and modern edgyness meet contemporary art.

Marie Laffont mixes the fashion extravaganza of Andy Wahrol’s factory, the avant-garde approach of Surrealist painters and her artistic background to create a capsule collection of shoes artisanally made in Italy. Marie‘s muses wander around the world escaping the monotony of the everyday life by daring to embrace the striking and the bizarre. Her shoes are fetish objects, magic talismans of some sorts that turn the individual into moving sculptures. What puts the spell into action is the outstanding craftsmanship and the highest quality materials used for every detail. The designer’s plastic approach to shoemaking led to the collaboration with the contemporary artist Morgane Tschiember, inspired by Tschiember‘s Iron Maiden Installation consisting of large scale sheets of lacquered aluminum which are bent and arranged to give the illusion of a much lighter and pliable material. The vivid colors and glossy allure give to the pieces an unexpected depth, which stands out even more in the shoes. Each pair has soul and character, and it’s pretty much a living thing of its own, nodding to the Surrealist’s habit of assigning meaning to random inanimate objects.

  • Les Collectionneuses – A special on Marie Laffont by Stephanie Lou

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