L’Esplanade – Minotaur SS19 by Maxime Fauconnier

Winds of freedom break trhough an urban setting. The Belgian photographer Maxime Fauconnier captures Cyprien and Terence wandering around a cluster of modern buildings and brutalist architecture. With extreme sensitivity Fauconnier grasps the models’ emotions bouncing against the polished surfaces of skyscrapers and rough walls of 70’s public housing, creating a sacred space of expression for human feelings even in the alienated desolation that generally fills up those places. Minimalist but powerful, functional but direct, the visual message becomes real through Minotaur Spring – Summer 2019 clothing, sported head to toe by the two models. The Japanese streetwear brand creates an essential collection inspired by the color palette of today’s metropolis, implementing avantgard windbreak and waterproof techniques that make the pieces extremely versatile and suitable for improvised changes of weather, which we are constantly experiencing due to the massive global warming. A sense of firm strenght comes out from the pictures, interpreted by Cyprien as a will to fight against the numbness of the system and by Terence as a stoic perseverance in doing what is right with quiet contempt. The story reflects on a fragment of our social behaviors and contemporary consideration of the individual.

  • L’Esplanade – Minotaur SS19 by Maxime Fauconnier

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    Minotaur SS19





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