Lost & Found by Ria Dunn – Autumn/Winter 2013

Something beautiful opens our eyes beyond recognition, beyond anticipation, overcoming our expectation.

Ria Dunn, master of weaves and shapes, severely gives voice to a recognition that clothes making is gaining, an aesthetic that poetically induces the first steps to the path of reality, embracing truth. The care she fills her design with makes a concrete difference whilst resolving them, it transpires in the force and the integral impact of those tactile sculptures she creates to adorn and enhance the strong sensitivity of women, preserving it from the threatening indifference and vanishment.

In the Winter 2013, Ria develops the necessity of the body for protection, providing it with a shield to shelter it without a sense of isolation. A play of paradoxes constitutes the outfits abundantly stratified. Rich textures, as raw wools and mohair, are constricted from the pure lines of asiatic inspiration, creating hybrids that allow movements while wrapping the figure. The craftsmanship beyond her collection is a solid one. It is stated in the tartan motif, released with the usage of three different kind of wool every fifty centimetres, the knitwear, realised in the Vanisé point, and the utilisation of the dil coupé technique to allow raw edges to endure splendidly through years. The barrier of yarns from Lost & Found is continuously broken, imbued in extremely feminine visions, at times connected to Nobuyoshi Araki and Japanese Bondage, on which open up tears of a discrete femininity. The idea of protection is projected from the last layer of skin till the last layer of fabric, nourishing yarns from inside. Turning to an effort spent finding the connection between craftsmanship and production, a subtle strata of rubber and resin are employed to shield yarns themselves, sheltering from time and progressive external corruption.

Hands awaken to sunlight, shaken from their secular torpor, to admire the naked fragility of raw fabrics in their somber splendour.

  • Lost & Found by Ria Dunn – Autumn/Winter 2013

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci

    Marta Fattori

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