Magdalena Frackowiak Jewelry – Collection II

Entering the elegant Ocean House for Magdalena Frackowiak Jewelry presentation one had the impression of crossing the gates of heaven. A soft white light shined through the door of the historical Parisian apartment, overlooking the Jardins de Tulieries, while the delicate sound of a harp echoed in the air. Inside, angelic Magdalena gracefully floated around a pristine marble table showing her new precious creations, surrounded by porcelain dolls dressed up in Victorian slip dresses and ballerinas’ shoes. White roses and scented candles were place at every corner, enriching the holy atmosphere of this luxurious temple.

In this unique setting, the Polish model showcased her second jewelry collection focused on geometric circles, to which she gave new minimalist opulence. Once again the line was entirely made of fine golden pieces, handcrafted in her atelier in Poland using old lost wax working techniques. Nineties-inspired chokers and pins achieve a sophisticated look, infused with a subtle bohemian twist. Silk black ribbons feature tiny polished gold balls, skinny rings worn on every finger and Creole hoops suggest gipsy vibes, while graphic gold pins embellish simple garments. Elaborated macramé bracelets and earrings perfectly embodied the combination of soft and edgy elements that characterize Magdalena’s radiant personality, faithfully reflected in Magdalena Frackowiak Jewelry’s aesthetics. Essential yet extremely sophisticated, the pieces have a timeless appeal and versatile designs.


  • Magdalena Frackowiak Jewelry – Collection II

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci