Maison Martin Margiela – “Heritage” at Colette Paris

Nothing was left, not even half of a tiny diamond or sapphire. They took everything and did not even bother to hidden their signs.

Creating a faux heist window display at Colette Paris, Maison Martin Margiela brings the boutique’s numerous visitors on the set of a crime scene. Empty cases and boxes feature the all-white robbed window announcing by its absence the latest Maison’s high jewelry line, Line 12. The smashed glass, a broken video camera and several black marks clearly showcase the signs of a spectacular heist, planned by jewel thieves with a great minimal chic taste. The new jewelry collection called “Heritage” reinvents the jewellery’s symbolic meanings of affiliation and belonging in an intriguing and essential way. Since they are usually conceived as part of a closed inheritance cycle, Maison Martin Margiela gives back to the jewelery pieces their misterious unicity, embodying the idea of a rupture with the past through the split design, while the elegant rounded shapes stay true to tradition. The diamonds and sapphires broken in two parts represent a sort of shift in time, opening to unexpected changes and new developments. Like a secret imbued into precious metals and gems, the jewelery pieces unveil the silent relationship that binds two people, giving a special value to a fleeting moment of their shared history.

The dream of a stolen fortune still seduces the minds of the curious public, who still wonders how and where the bold thieves escaped.

  • Maison Martin Margiela – “Heritage” at Colette Paris

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