Marc Le Bihan – A Tale From the Past

Every single garment begins with an idea and the desire to make it happen.

In his Parisian studio Marc Le Bihan creates beautiful pieces, keeping alive the French craftsmanship tradition. Located in the heart of picturesque Montmartre neighborhood, the atelier recalls the time in which Paris was the capital of couture seamstresses and milliners, when fashion and luxury were still synonyms. The industrial furniture and the dim light of candles bring back atmospheres from a past era, which perfectly match with the Edwardian-inspired style of the clothes. Through an in-house production focused on achieving the highest quality standard, Marc Le Biahn turns delicate piece of fabric into works of art. His clothes range spans from entirely hand-embroidered couture pieces to more wearable designs. Fine primal materials such as silks and lace are sourced from local mills in France, while the full designing and assembling process is made in small artists’ ateliersall over and around Paris. Each of Marc Le Biahn’s creation has a certain regal appeal that makes the wearer feel part of a romantic tale. Facing transitory trends, Marc Le Bihan is committed to timeless and sophisticated fashion. His creations come out a dream-like universe focused on the uniqueness of individuals, where the commercial constraints of mainstream simply do not exist.

Each craftsman’s story carries something of ancient times that subtly influences the modern rhythms with its precious meaning.

  • Marc Le Bihan – A Tale From the Past

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