Marvielab – Maglia / Tessuto Autumn-Winter 2013

Some objects bring to mind dear memories, such as those of childhood. They trigger a sort of inner narrative process that comes across past experiences, some almost completely faded, others still vivid; fantasies and anecdotes come back as friendly ghosts we talk with.

The study of Mariavittoria Sargentini on forms and materials keeps sharping in the winter collection of her 2013 project Maglia/Tessuto. Staying true to the statements of functionality and recovery that build up her aesthetic, Marvie investigates the mutual interaction of knitwear and fabric, at the same time separating their own identities. The pieces seeps through the private dimension of the wearer and become part of his daily life. They cross the rooms of their houses, the hallways, brushing over the furniture, capturing the reassuring smell of “home” and the aroma of coffee that spreads out in the kitchen. The body moves in a soft shell made ​​of earthy colored natural yarns, blended together to obtain different lights and textures in order escape a real seasonality. The experienced feeling of well-being is nothing more than the pleasure of wearing something that we know as intimately belonging to us. The designer’s meticulous research on materials and cuts shows in the essential silhouettes, geometric and simple as a child’s drawing, but conceived with the same detailing and technical attention of an architectural project. The garments have their own history, their own tradition, which, however, bends harmoniously into a new time, which belongs to a different subject, enriching the perceptual experience.

Sinking into the memory always involves in a kind of romantic yearning, in which the idealization of the past makes us smiling of a nostalgic smile.

  • Marvielab – Maglia / Tessuto Autumn-Winter 2013

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci



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