Marvielab – ReCikli Autumn/Winter 2012-2013

The chimeric desire to create something “functional”, an outdated prerogative since designers decided to make “fashion” and no more clothes, is still driving Mariavittoria Sargentini’s creative process. Setting aside every empty artistic virtuosism, Sargentini’s works  is made for being wear, to please a primary men’s need;  the conceptual attitute, the poetry, are just fascinating side effects of a process that doesn’t have them as a purpose.

Undoubtedly, this is only one possible reading of that thought pot which is Marvielab, Mariavittoria’s Perugia based brand which evolves through seasonless and continuous projects, aimed to re-establish a concrete contact between human body and yarns. The interchangeble essence that characterizes every line leaves the garments’ use to the customer choice, who is free to mix and match what he feels most intimately close to his own tastes. The clothes are extremely versatile, transforming their look into a game of lengths, Coating, proportion and accurate measurements, Jersey Square, seams and volumes, S + M +L, which could be seen as an eclectic “tailoring research” that emphasizes the silhouette progression.

Mariavittoria’s complex study on forms is translated into a construction and deconstruction process, filtered through a simple and comfortable design, realized with trans-seasonal materials. Right the desire to break the eternal recurrence of the same disposable industry gave birth to ReCikli, the latest Sargentini’s proposal on innovation and recycling. The idea behind this project is to cyclically revisit some of the best materials from the brand’s archive of past collections and to reinterpret them in new forms. The past comes alive through each piece, which undergo a series of treatments and over-dyeing techniques that change the properties and textures of the materials, giving the garments an aged and weathered appearance. This patterns development is inspired by imagery of home – cherished, comfortable garments faded by years of continued wear. Open seams underscore clean lines, enhancing the tactile qualities of the fabrics’ composition and texture, while the sizes are adjustable to the wearer’s preference in fit and proportion with various systems of closure and stitches.

Recikli transcends the death of the objects, expressing a rebirth that occurs within the same daily routine that killed them; through a virtuous circularity that goes beyond the time.

  • Marvielab – ReCikli Autumn/Winter 2012-2013

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci






    Special Thanks

    Peter Jevnikar