Marvielab – ReCikli Spring / Summer 2013

Enduring in times, as attentive exertion renewing each season through a caring and critical eye reviewing past details with a conspicuous and matured sense, the knowledge of Mariavittoria Sargentini have been newly applied after January’s launch of the ReCikli line. Tangible proclaim of a search for summarised forms determining the highest level of contemporary values, ethics and wearability, Marvielab’s textile archive renews under a new light from past collections. The depersonalisation undergone by each garment draws the same piece in a timeless dimension, through the application of treatments conferring aged, monolithic features.

However evident, the masterpiece conceals its sealing verge in minimal stitching details, bearing the heavy consequential structure in a way able to support and give authentic living instance to a thoughtful and complexly ideated project. A mastering knowledge of patterns and shapes acquired in years of applied work and rigour of thought holds together joints of fabric, in that firm and affectionate confidence felt for personal creations. This definite address results in garments strictly open to the wearer with no over-definite centre or pre-recorded shape, being adaptable to antipodean combinations of shape, size and length, customisable following the unfailing guide of invisible closures or by deliberately cutting along pre marked lengths.

Earth-soiled, dark hazel shades evoke the virginity of a soil full of rain, while lighter veins running across the surface determines dramatic contrasts, yet muted by the human feeling of colours as delineators of one of the most wearable contemporary lines.

  • Marvielab – ReCikli Spring / Summer 2013

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Marta Fattori


    Romain LeCam



    Special Thanks

    Mariavittoria Sargentini