Marvielab – U/U/U Unconstrained Unisex Uniform

Creativity sparks between uniformity and irregularity.

The latest project of Italian brand Marvielab gives a new identity to one of the most essential clothing staples: the uniform. U/U/U, as the collection is called, stands for “Unconstrained, Unisex, Uniform” and marks a new chapter of Marvielab’s boundless research on function, design and individuality. Mariavittoria Sargentini, designer behind the brand and professor at renowned Architecture and Design University IUAV, has asked to a group of students to redefine the concept of uniform in a personal and creative way. The aim of the project is to bring into the market different interpretations of the traditional daily outfit to express its creative potential and infinite design possibilities. The students, selected for their different attitudes and abilities, expressed their own artistic vision through 12 minimalistic looks that can be subsequently customized and mixed together by the wearer. Each uniform consists of 2 or 3 garments that come in a basic combination of model and fabric. The customer is able to decide whether to apply the special treatments and accessories proposed for each item to make the uniform suitable to his own aesthetics without crossing the original idea. The ultimate goal is to create comfortable clothes that embody the uniform’s plain elegance and timeless appeal while reflecting the wearer’s personality. Developed in a range of fine organic materials available in three different weights, the pieces are shaped according to Marvielab method of reconstruction and have a unisex fit. Each uniform bears the name chosen by the student who made it and comes with a photo with its caption. U/U/U represents Sargentini’s brilliant and sustainable answer to the fast-paced fashion cycle, and brings a step further Marvielab’s pragmatic yet pioneering approach to design.


  • Marvielab – U/U/U Unconstrained Unisex Uniform

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    Cecilia Musmeci






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