MIA “Heart Of Stone” by Beata Duvaker

Beata Duvaker takes us on a creative journey through Tiblisi old town with a special story on Georgian brand MIA
The tender decadence of antiques consumed by time inspires the photographer who sets her visual narrative into an historical building eroded by the elements. A feeling of nostalgia fills up the atmosphere, and yet there is no sadness in it. It’s like looking at old family images portraying serene memories. The edge of the centuries gone by is physically represented by a big stone in a vague heart shape, which the girls pass to each other in a secret game of exchange of energies. The clothes retain this idea of temporality and history by combining the simplicity of Georgian peasant clothing with the timeless elegance of Palermo, Sicily, the city where the designer Mia Pailodze is currently based. The desire of honoring the body and protect it gently in this crumbling world is conveyed by jackets and dresses that wrap the figures in loose coocoons. Architectural suggestions shape the clean cuts and let the plain beauty of the fabrics flow naturally. Satin surfaces and cloudy taffeta catch the glow of afternoon light and create a strange aura around the girls, which at time looks like peaceful ghosts hunting a deserted fortress. Duvaker skillfully grasps this subtle marriage between soft and raw in each of her pictures.  

  • MIA “Heart Of Stone” by Beata Duvaker

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Beata Duvaker


    Mia Pailodze



    Special Thanks

    Mia Pailodze
    Tbilisi Fashion Week