Molly Goddard – Spring / Summer 2016

Young ladies flourish in Spring tender and delicate like English roses.

In a British sandwich factory, Molly Goddard’s girls stand in a production line-formation and prepare sandwiches with cheerful abandon. The August rain does not damp their smiling spritits, which glow sofly when the shy sunbeams peep from the heavy dark clouds. Inspired by a typical English summer, Molly Goddard creates a wardrobe that reflects the dreamy and lazy atmosphere suggested by the bleak weather. Textures are on focus, worked through embroidery, ruching and smocking techniques that are developed in tighter and looser applications. Molly layers her signature dolly dresses over patchwork t-shirts and bikinis, creating mermaid-like looks with a grungy twist. A vibrant color palette, featuring bright green, red and tartan patterns as well as softer shades of pink and grey, make the clothes stand out from the gloom. Crinkled and frilled, the garments reveal new and familiar silhouette that stays true to the brand’s aesthetic.

  • Molly Goddard – Spring / Summer 2016

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    Cecilia Musmeci


    Molly Goddard

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