Nehera – “Out of Focus” Autumn / Winter 2015 – 2016

There’s a form of enigmatic beauty that is difficult to express through words. It’s the beauty of hidden details and untouchable emotions that go behind the mere visual experience.

Nehera belongs to an ethereal dimension, in which blurring shapes create transcendent silhouette of sculptural purity. Samuel Drira, the designer behind the brand, imbued within this forgotten Eastern European label the mystic magic spread through Encens Magazine, the Paris-based publication that he co-founded 12 years ago. Like the pages of Encens, Nehera’s clothing has an evergreen elegance untethered from time or place. For the winter season, luxurious fabrics and raw yarns were shaped into architectural pieces that paid homage to the work of the German-born American sculptor Eva Hesse. As Drira finds beauty in subtle things, the gentle curve of the comma served as a starting point for the pieces’ rounded cuts and spiral patterns. The collection, entitled Out of Focus, aimed to daze and confuse the perception of the viewer by playing on trompe l’œil effects achieved through the juxtaposition of asymmetric garments. Any kind of embellishment disappears in order to highlight the pure dialogue of fine textures and bare construction lines.

Quite like the snow and mysterious like an unknown shadow, Nehera’s woman silently bursts forth into our world wrapped in grace.

  • Nehera – “Out of Focus” Autumn / Winter 2015 – 2016

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci



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