Nehera – Spring / Summer 2017

“An idea of harmonious imbalance. Getting dressed as intuitive collage of emotional bits.” Samuel Drira

East meets west, as we travelled through Samuel Drira’s journey of layers, print, patchwork and asymmetrical shapes allowing us to get drawn into his universe. White shirts, flown fabrics with layers upon layers were the backbone to his collection for Prague-based brand Nehera.

Basic pieces such as long blazers, classic white shirts and aprons were deconstructed and oversized to capture the relaxed essence of the upcoming Summer season. Open backs and bold cuts unveil Nehera‘s woman subtle sensuality. Multiple juxtapositions added to the plain pieces personality and seamlessy complimented each other. This harmonized well with Nehera’s aim of making the art of getting dressed something more emotional. Knotted, layered or loosely draped, every piece is versatile and can be worn in multiple ways that give a new edge to basic wear. Along with Nehera’s classic color palette of soft neutral tones, Drira introduced strongers shades such as indigo and red for some uniform-like outfits reminiscent of Mao’s suits. The clash between East and West was developed also through organic textures like canvas and linen mixed with Japanese denim and fluid silk. Samuel Drira perfectly managed to balance the imbalance and breathed new life into minimalist fashion.

  • Nehera – Spring / Summer 2017

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci



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