Nicolas Andreas Taralis – Spring / Summer 2013

The depth of thought is felt in its dense and slow development. Gradually it is structured by a reflection on what is unknown, enriched by particolar shades that mark its uniqueness.

Quietly going forward in his aesthetic, Nicolas Andreas Taralis explores the world of forms and constructions without betraying the complex technique of tailoring. With clear mind, the emotions are filtered down into a sort of architectural intelligence, in a creative process that starts with impulses and moves along organically, evolving into sober and sharp garments. The collection shown bathed in ethereal light that enhanced the impalpable floating sheer pieces, harmoniusly combined with the semi-rigid and fabulously constructed outerwear. A new androgynous human being came from remote galaxies wrapped by controlled draping, which caresses his extraterrestrial charm, reflected in the fine jewelry pieces made in collaboration with designer Nora Renaud. From stitching to cutting, to the choice and treatments of materials, the meticulous attention to details produces the essential beauty of the final object.

The crystalline stillness in which each step of the thinking and creative process comes understandable, leaves space for a propulsion to what is “new”. The desire and urge to move forward is felt the lack of something, into the constant research for an unreachable completeness to which we constantly tend, through an eternal challenge between our ideas and their friction with the external world.

  • Nicolas Andreas Taralis – Spring / Summer 2013

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci

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