Nicolas Andreas Taralis – Spring / Summer 2014

Everything has a past, which is often lost, then rediscovered and relived in the present. It modifies, thus assuming a new nature.

This concept, which may sound very romantic, is worked by Nicolas Andreas Taralis through the purity and rigor that characterizes his designs. Starting a study on the deconstruction and constructions of shapes, Nicolas has created a collection focused on contrasts, in which his knowledge on tailoring clearly shows up. References took from military aesthetic, like large pockets, zips and combat boots, are combined with the sartorial tradition of men’s clothing. The juxtaposition of jackets and coats in different fabrics and textures, deconstructed and reassembled together, creates ambiguous hybrids pieces with asymmetry as a guiding principle, which becomes in a certain way the epitome of human’s expression, as symmetry does not exist in nature. Also shirts undergo the same process, as if the resulting from a rhapsodical and yet coherent patchwork. An artistic idea of unfinished is conveyed by the visible the seams and hems that put the pieces in a perpetual working progress where the designer never ceases to refine every detail meticulously. Indeed, despite the eclectic mix of fabrics, a sense of calm and subtle, controlled elegance, which Taralis’ classic proportions and ultra precise cuts always express, is the thread that binds the entire collection together.

The garments live in time and change along with it. They stop only for a few moments, crystallized in a precise form, immediately left for a perpetual evolution which leads to an end with their consummation.

  • Nicolas Andreas Taralis – Spring / Summer 2014

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci





    Rory O’ Hara

    Special Thanks

    Nicolas Andreas Taralis