NO EDITIONS – Spring / Summer 2013

Individual pieces, interpreting our randomized culture, washing out images from pearl-like digital screens and printed paper we light on everyday. No Editions is ideated to take advantage from the random imagery of current living, crafting solo pieces enclosed in series. Christian Niessen and Nicole Lachelle’s project plays on the marketing idea of exclusivity pushed over its apex, as differences in human bodies can be marked or slighter, each piece can present both minimum and strong dissonances occurring in finishing details, print or structural design. The denoting aspect is that each specific piece can be held by one individual only, as the production cycle, from creation to selling, is generated only once.

Everything, from garments to their surroundings, is re-thought to the definition of the new concept. Christian and Nicole, a joint background at Helmut Lang, through a new printing adaptation process started widening the application to something new. Collecting fragmentary, barren images from media spread, then combined in minute sequences overlaid on the single garment at different stages of time and creation, stratifying visual elusives over its own anatomy and structure. The New York based label is selling us a unique piece of our unconscious visual everyday-memory, made visible and tangible under our very hands.

  • NO EDITIONS – Spring / Summer 2013

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Marta Fattori



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    Michéle Montagne