Obscur – “Foreshadow” Fall / Winter 2015 – 2016

Liquid dreams run at high speed on the highway of thoughts, disappearing with a blazing spark into the mind’s endless paths like bikers in the night.

Swedish-born and Berlin-based designer Richard Söderberg brings further his rough and utilitarian approach to fashion design by refining the look of his own brand Obscur. Renowned for his outstanding work with raw leather and textiles, Söderberg takes distance from the gothic-inspired atmospheres that influenced his aesthetics in the past, to fully express his long-time passion for motorcycles and tactical garments. For the Fall / Winter 2015 season, Obscur released a collection of bikers gear pieces reworked in an urban and contemporary way. The showcase was thought and conceived together with the Japanese interior and product designer Yukio Kimura, who released a special hanging system to highlight at best Obscur‘s designs. Featuring inserts of reflective fabric, metallic zippers and waterproof materials, the outfits embody the idea of comfort and protection against elements paired with Obscur‘s attention to quality and craftsmanship.  Fine textiles, subtle linings, comfortable knits and rich textures provide shelter from every day’s harshness as well as maximum comfort when hitting the road. The sharp cuts and tight fitting give to the garments a certain military appeal that adds more rigor to the outerwear silhouettes, avoiding the bulky look of the classic motorcycle jackets. Venturing into new ways of expressions, Richard Söderberg also presented a custom Yamaha SR500 available in limited edition.

  • Obscur – “Foreshadow” Fall / Winter 2015 – 2016

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    Cecilia Musmeci

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