Ordinary Madness by Moos-Tang

The Swiss photography duo Moos-Tang captures Moa in scenes of ordinary madness.

Simple everyday actions such as picking up the phone or making breakfast hide a certain element of oddity sharply lenses by Moos-Tang. Ironic and paradoxical, Moa plays the part of a moody and unpredictable housewife, who spends the day running around her lavish apartment while following a compulsive-obsessive routine that doesn’t make any sense. She is half crazy but full of charm. The objects in the different scenarios takes on an abstract meaning as they are potrayed within the domestic context yet without their usual function. Careless of general conventions, our muse keeps the Christmas tree all the year around and takes long baths wearing couture pieces. She is half crazy but full of charm, and Moos-Tang‘s images catch this clash with extreme precision, while casting a different eye on the familiar and on the magic of the mundane.

  • Ordinary Madness by Moos-Tang

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    Moos Tang


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