P.R.Patterson – Spring / Summer 2016

Clothing can be imbued with significance and therefore contribute to create a compelling world.

New Zeeland-born Phillip Patterson unravels the beauty within British sartorial heritage, while turning vintage-inspired styles into contemporary designs. In a time where a so-called ideal of elegance and luxury can be bought by anyone who has the necessary financial capital, Patterson focuses on the refinements of detail such as the cut of a piece, the textile’s choice and hand stitched hems. Hidden in each P.R.Patterson’s garment there is a small bell, reminiscent of a guardian bell to ward off evil spirits. The 2010 Central Saint Martens-graduated designer aims to create women and men’s clothes that last a lifetime, facing consumerism and corporate mainstream. P.R. Patterson’s organic production cycle features an extensive research on pattern making techniques and carefully selected fabrics often taken straight from the loom. Phillip recently moved his design studio to Glasgow, Scotland, and he is currently sourcing his primal materials across the country, supporting traditional Scottish textile industry and local Mills. In-house treatments like special washes and hand-dyeing processes give to the yarns unique textures, enhanced by the juxtaposition of different weights such as natural weaves versus tightly woven. Highlights from P.R. Patterson Spring – Summer 2016 were the aged bronze capped leather goods and footwear, and a series of ultra light pieces in washed silk that remain extremely soft and loose to the body. The collection was presented in an airy loft in Paris and displayed on antique hangers that Phillip has been collecting throughout the years.


  • P.R.Patterson – Spring / Summer 2016

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    P.R. Patterson

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