Peng Tai – Winter Solstice & Chinese Tea Ceremony

In occasion of Winter Solstice we organized a special pop-up sale event for the artisanal luxury brand Peng Tai including a Chinese tea ceremony and an exclusive fabric workshop.

Winter Solstice is approaching and while the coldest months are ahead the light is coming back. Tea is an altogether beautiful and nourishing practice that facilitates meditatation and the act of going inward. It is also a moment to share with others and create new bonds by gathering together to celebrate the ritualistic value of each cup. Inspired by its roots and the fascination with the Wabi Sabi culture, Peng Tai hosted a Chinese Tea ceremony to present the capsule collection of accessory created for Winter Solstice. Stones and precious cut-outs of natural dyed organic silks crystallize in earring and pendants similar to snow balls and frozen nature dangling from thing 14k gold and silver threads. The idea of leaving a permanent mark in time ispired a fabric workshop in which guests were invited to create molds of their body parts using a non toxic misture of clay and fabrics. Each sculptural piece, as unique as Peng Tai‘s designs, will then be used by the designers to make an installation to be unveiled in March during Paris Fashion Week together with their Fall / Winter 2019 collection. The eternal dance of death and ribirth, quintessentially embodied in the Winter Solstice, was poetically represented by natural elements unexpectedly growing out lifeless found objects and dummies. 

  • Peng Tai – Winter Solstice & Chinese Tea Ceremony

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Dario Ruggiero


    Peng Tai

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