Pre-Helsinki “Näytös 2015” by Aalto University

Näytös is the Finnish word for presentation. A presentation is about someone having something meaningful to say to an audience.

The students of the 2015 edition of the Aalto University’s Näytös definitely had much to say. The collections that walked down the runway last Friday were a daring parade that praised innovation and craftsmanship. Maria Suomalainen, Reea Peltola, Maija Mero and Pauliina Salmela, Marianne El-Khoury, Ilona Hackenberg, Hanne Jurmu and Anton Vartiainen stood out among others for their deconstructivist approach and outstanding sense of shapes. All the works of the BA and MA degree students embodied Finnish fearless creative spirit and its playful take on design. The collections differed wildly but patchworking and sculptural silhouettes emerged as common themes throughout. Initially founded as a Craft School in 1871, the Aalto University trains the students in balancing their artsy side with a careful attention to details, fabrics and patterns. Despite the monumental appeal of some of the outfits, each piece featured artisanal techniques such as hand stitching, hand weaving, embroidery and unique textiles developed by the young creators. Held during the Finnish fashion festival Pre Helsinki, Näytös 2015 was a true breath of fresh air filled with the intriguing oddness brought by the unpredictable Nordic wind.

  • Pre-Helsinki “Näytös 2015” by Aalto University

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci

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