Pre-Raphaelite Dream for MENE Jewelry

MENE looks at the golden age of painting before the time of Raphael. Otherworldly women from a different century wander in enchanted gardens lost in a tender and melancholic reverie. Their whimsical and noble beauty is enhanced by MENE‘s precious 24k gold and platinum jewelry that shines upon their pale and fragile skin. Poetry, romance and a subtle connection to the natural realm inspire the quite narrative of the pictures mirrored in the pieces’s design. The intricate symbolism of Pre-Raphaelite art echoes in MENE’s rich figurative universe, adding an enigmatic element open to the wearer’s interpretation. Faithful to the value of timeless elegance, MENE pays a fine homage to one of the most groundbreaking movements in the history of art.

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  • Pre-Raphaelite Dream for MENE Jewelry

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