Quoi Alexander “Regresses” Performance at V&A Museum

Tactile suggestions evoke the whole artistic tradition of mankind and its cultural richness.

Quoï Alexander looks back to prehistoric rock-art to draw inspiration for his Fall – Winter 2015 / 2016 collection. The CSM-graduated designer was seeking for a tactile primary element instead of purely visual suggestions, which he eventually found in the same clay used by cavemen in their paintings 40,000 years ago. Alexander used this very particular material to create the prints that feature on his garments, which recall rocky surfaces and amorphous stones in their complex silhouette. As for his previous works, each piece has been entirely hand-woven without the use of any seams; a technique that pushed the designer to explore new levels of clothing construction. Showcased in the suggestive setting of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the clothes interacted with the surrounding space in an extremely powerful way. The V&A permanent collection as well as its imposing architecture gave to the garments a new meaning, turning them into wearable pieces of history. Alexander somehow recalled the ghostly sound element that might have inspired the primitive men in their paintings through the collaboration with the artist Lisa Hall. In this context the models walked throughout the museum emitting music through crickets placed into the lining of their outfits.

As part of the Friday Late Program, coordinated by Jennifer Zielinska, Quoï Alexander’s Regresses celebrated Alexander McQueen’s natural inspirations and his pioneering aesthetic. The performance was staged on March 27th, 2015 coinciding with McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibition, currently on display at V&A museum.

  • Quoi Alexander “Regresses” Performance at V&A Museum

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