Renli Su – Spring / Summer 2015

Overcoming the dichotomy between sacred and profane, Renli Su infuses whimsical elegance in timeless designs. For her Spring / Summer 2016 collection, the Chinese designer draws inspiration from her rich cultural background and blends artistic influences with style suggestions of historic times. Mark Rothko‘s abstract expressionism and his outstanding use of colors were the starting point of Renli‘s conceptual research. Like the great American painter, Renli expresses her ideas through a visual language made of tones and formal elements. The tamed palette conveys a sense of spirituality, which reflects Renli Su‘s idea of a pure and untouched beauty. In this context, the collection was showcased within a bright and airy Church’s hall with models standing perfectly still like alabaster columns underneath the building’s curved ceiling. Imbued with an emotionally rich and sensitive aesthetics, the clothing echoes the style of Puritan women in the Victorian Era, while being absolutely contemporary in its sophisticated shapes and cuts. Renli Su‘s interest in costumes includes her choice of fabrics which fluctuate from fine quality organic cotton to a variety of luxurious  silks. Each design complements the character of the fabrics used; reflecting its softness or hardness, the different weaving methods and the organic dying methods used. With humble yet powerful simplicity, Renli Su seeks out the mystery in human emotion going beyond awareness and supernatural experiences.



  • Renli Su – Spring / Summer 2015

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci 


    Renli Su