Rick Owens – CYCLOPS Spring / Summer 2016

Creative thinking goes beyond the ordinary perception of things eventually finding new acknowledgments.

With his unorthodox vision wrapped in a spiritual allure, Rick Owens looks inwards and meditates on heroism and struggle. Cyclops, as the Spring / Summer 2016 collection is called, refers to the designer’s « third eye » that led him to turn military values into wearable ideas. Tactical gear and soldiers’s combat clothing have always influenced Rick Owens‘s rough yet polished aesthetics. This season he created anti-established uniforms by deconstructing the classic M-65 field jackets and developed his signature’s patterns into more experimental silhouettes. Torn apart and cut from distressed leather and heavy washed fabrics, the jackets stretched into Owens‘s classic elongated shapes, blurring the army’s gender cast. The frayed hems and rough textures gave to the pieces a worn out appeal in line with the collection’s survival mood. Stepping out the battlefield, Rick paid homage to contemporary artists John Chamberlain and Steven Parrino through abstract prints and folded drapes reminiscent of their twisted paintings and minimal graphics. The ability of drawing inspiration from clashing fields and make them cope together in coherent and well-structured design solutions highlights once again Rick Owens‘s unique interpretation of the contradictory zeitgeist of our times.

  • Rick Owens – CYCLOPS Spring / Summer 2016

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