Rick Owens – “Moody” Autumn / Winter 2014 – 2015

Life circle is made of multiple connections among individuals which time and circumstances make meaningful.

Rick Owens’ way of making clothes has always consciously held the importance of shared experiences. His strong and oddly elegant aesthetic perfectly imbued the garments’ down to their deep essence, making them immediately recognizable as uniforms pieces of a sort of tribe, pull together by a common sharp sense of style. The power of installing in wearers a certain sense of belonging, together with an extraordinary eye for innovation and the careful attention to contemporary times, might be one of the reasons of Rick’s outstanding and ever-growing success. His creations are part of a wider plan, something that actually defines someone’s life-style or specific way of being and links it to the others who share a similar profile.
The female core of Rick Owens’ tribe hit the runway of his last AW 1415 show, embodying this idea of a world-wide community. The enlarged family included the people close to his personal life, as well as the ones who supported and represented his work throughout the years, unveiling the staff of experts and passionate souls that contributed to the brand’s rise and to its image. The entire cast’s choice could be seen as an homage to those women who are his source of inspiration, his model and creative strength, beautiful and real with their age lines and irregular traits, as what does matter is the unicity of their personality.

The garments came in cocooning and boxy proportions, comfortable yet with a rather militaresque edge expressed through leather padded knee pants, protective jackets and massive armlets. Underground influences which inspired the over knee “Ramones” sneakerboots met historical and folkloristic suggestions, clearly visible in the Etruscan / Egyptian-like headpieces. Opulent materials like crocodile leather and luxurious silks marked the preciousness of this highly wearable collection. The strongest fascination relies in the fine detailing, which brought back some of the old Rick’s as zippers, jacket’s inner straps, and a level of elaboration that does not compromise functionality like for the zipped gloves. The models walked more than once with the same outfit, giving to the runway itself the idea of circle, which ultimately opens up to the public gaze, inviting it to join the “family”.

  • Rick Owens – “Moody” Autumn / Winter 2014 – 2015

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