Rick Owens – SPHINX Autumn / Winter 2015 – 2016

Transgression is an act that goes against the rules and subverts established codes.

Going against the grain since 2002, Rick Owens broke another fashion taboo by bringing men’s nudity to the catwalk. His latest Fall- Winter 2015 / 2016 menswear collection, entitled Sphinx, conveyed a strong message at once provocative and carefully ambiguous. Models wore oversized peep-hole garments with nothing underneath, revealing flashes of bare skin beneath as they walked, eventually showing their penises. In this context, Owens gave his own interpretation of reveal and conceal through the clothing, recalling that nudity can suggest sensuality as well as greatness and freedom such as in Greek and Roman sculptures. The concepts of shame and fear were boldly embraced with daring nonchalance to promote an ideal of true acceptance. Rick Owenss designs always embodied a certain way of being different yet powerful, graceful yet dangerous, while refusing conventional laws. Before becoming a fashion trend, wearing Rick Owens marked the identity of a group that set itself apart from the rest of the standardized costumes of society. Maybe this time the statement made by the American designer was felt by some critics as uninspired, but definitely he dared to risk for expressing his very unique vision.

  • Rick Owens – SPHINX Autumn / Winter 2015 – 2016

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