Rick Owens x Selfridges – The World of Rick Owens

I have kissed thy mouth, Iokanaan. Was it the taste of blood? But perchance it was the taste of love. They say that love hath a bitter taste.

Rick Owens keeps his radical and magnificent approach to fashion and art, whatever he does. And in this sense, his collaboration with Selfridges showcases the power of his imagination by offering to the public a truly overwhelming experience. The World of Rick Owens, as the project is called, is probably the biggest single designer concept that Selfridges has ever initiated. Sharp elegance, brutalism, femininity, culture, precision and provocative innovation, filled with a strongly shared sense of community, distinguish Rick Owens’ empire from any other creative universe. The spirit of this dramatic macrocosm was perfectly expressed through the collaboration with Selfridges, which featured both the colossal and theatrical sides of the brand while revealing its more intimate soul through intellectual references such as the classic opera music. Indeed, if the imposing 25ft statue of Rick Owens himself dominating Oxford Street might be seens as an ironic self-celebration of spectacular taste, the concept boutique in the department store’s Wonder Room and the four window displays inspired by Richard Strauss’ opera Salome offer a privileged insight on Owens’ personal world and sources of inspiration. To celebrate the exclusivity of this collaboration, on September 13th a huge party took place inside Selfridges’ garage which had the same impact of a proper performance. By mixing pioneering experimentation with a glorious sense of luxury, The World of Rick Owens embodies the brand’s heritage and its unique ethos.

And there was nothing in the world more deep than black

  • Rick Owens x Selfridges – The World of Rick Owens

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