Rumspringa by Mattia Pasin

Photographer Mattia Pasin lenses the daily life of an imaginary Amish girl.

We enter a parallel world in which the hustle and bustle of our times simply doesn’t exist. Days slowly go by wandering around open fields, drying the laundry, reading and praying. The small chances in her routine are subtly suggested by the variation of monochromatics outfits styled by Arianna Pianca, becoming more elaborate according to religious occasions. The clean black and white looks struck against the romantic countryside landscape and its rural simplicity. Moved by a sense of curiosity and aspiration, the Amish girl can only explore the world through her imagination, and behind her calm gaze one can sense a certain restless, typical of Rumspringa, an Amish rite of passage during adolescence that determinates the participation or abandon of the community.

  • Rumspringa by Mattia Pasin

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    Mattia Pasin



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