Sara Lanzi – Fall / Winter 2016

Alice steps through the looking glass and finds herself in the garden of living flowers. Perhaps afraid of the cold season, Lewis Carrol‘s magic plants seem to have moved onto  Sara Lanzi’s clothing tale, taking place on the dresses and bluses of the Fall/ Winter 2016 collection.

In the same spirit of her previous work, Sara Lanzi focuses on creating essential yet unique garments from carefully selected Italian and Japanese fabrics. The structure of the clothes evokes the image of a modern day Alice – elegant, but with a touch of childlike romance. Loose bottoms give to the silhouette a certain cartoonish appeal, while knit tops, fitted to resemble a second skin, bring in a more serious element.

Like the world that lays beyond the looking glass, the palette conveys a sense of fairytale splendor. Soft pink and violet shades recall the roses of the garden, shimmering golden sparks catch the eye like the bold tiger lilies. Red accents are strategically placed on black pleated silk, giving the observer a glimpse of the elusive karp, living in one of the garden ponds. Each style comes also in darker tones, which complete the color circle to create, identical yet opposite, as one would expect from the other Alice, the one from the looking glass.

Sara Lanzi‘s garden can be seen at the new Dover Street Market space located on 18-22 Haymarket, London.

  • Sara Lanzi – Fall / Winter 2016

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    Sara Lanzi

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