Sark Studio – Spring / Summer 2016

A land as far as the eye can see, where the waving grasses grow
Or the plains are blackened and burnt and bare where the false mirages go

Inspired by the verses of Australian poet Banjo Paterson, Sark Studio Spring / Summer 2016 collection is an ode to rural nature. Designer Theresa Jackson translated the harshness of Australia’s outback areas and gentle bucolic landscapes into clothing that are exquisitely folk and contemporary at once. Sark Studio‘s choice of rough and untreated material express their passion for genuinely beautiful things. Facing the mainstream fashion “throwawayism” philosophy, offcuts of textiles are collected and reworked into patchwork pieces. In the same spirit, spare buttons are recycled and thin strips of fabric leftovers become embellishments for dresses and peplum jacket with a with a romantic yet utilitarian appeal. All Sark Studio garments are made locally in Sydney by experienced artisanswith the aim of creating a whole library of clothes which work together throughout the year, layering up during Winter and layering down in Summer.


  • Sark Studio – Spring / Summer 2016

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Ian Iveson – Sark Studio


    Sark Studio

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    Theresa Jackson
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