Streamline Dreams by Francesco Brigida

Francesco Brigida shoots Milena Ioanna in a surreal architectural setting. 

Aerodynamic pure-lines of motion and speed inspire the rounded forms of a sculptural entrance in the heart of Paris XVI district. Stripped of any unecessary decorative elements the structures bear the principles of geometric simplicity and industrial excitement that pushed the architects of L’Oeuf Centre d’études to design them. The influence of art deco, still strong in the 60’s, kept a certain fluidness in lines and proportions, which at times look almost classic, and prevent the building to fall in cold modernity or exaggerated futurism stereotypes. In the same spirit, the young Baharain-based designer Hala Kaiksow focuses on simple patterns artisanally woven on an old hand-loom, to which she gaves an exquisitely contemporary appeal. Inspired by the beauty found in everyday objects and a utilitarian approach to dressing, the designer deconstructs garb from the past and present to create clothing infused with feminine strength. A trained artist and sculptor, her creative process is driven by experimentation and exploring the endless possibilities of garment construction. Brigida‘s evocative photography perfectly captures the harmoinious marriage of art and craft in a series of images that celebrate beauty and elegance in a fresh and minimalistic way.

  • Streamline Dreams by Francesco Brigida

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Francesco Brigida


    Cecilia Musmeci


    Hala Kaiksow


    Casting Olivier Duperrin
    Milena Ioanna @ VIVA


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    Hala Kaiksow