Suburbia by Alexandre Hertoghe

There is a certain roughness in socialist architecture that makes it extremely appealing despite its unquestionable ugliness.

Alexandre Hertoghe and Ting Ting Nong found tender visual poetry in the brutalism squared shapes of suburban building. The creative duo imagined how a young girl spends her days within this concrete jungle, and how the surroundings influence her style sense. Nong put together an accurate styling perfectly matching with the settings, and created a powerful synergy between the outfits and the architectural elements. Hertoghe‘s photography sharply emphasized this subtle connection. Prints match with the signs of sites under construction, knitted tops recall the nets of dismissed courts, while splashes of red and black break through the grey monotone. The strong features of the model are somehow empowered by the harsh landscape, and her unconventional beauty eventually stands out from the massive buildings stretching into the horizon.

  • Suburbia by Alexandre Hertoghe

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Ting Ting Nong


    Gorund Zero  SS15


    Bruna @ Elite

    Hair & Make-up

    Kiki Takanori Yoshizato

    Special Thanks

    Ting Ting Nong

    Alexandre Hertoghe