Sweet as Broken Dates – A Special on Hala Kaiksow SS20

Francesco Scotti portrays Azul in Hala Kaiksow Spring / Summer 2020. The young designer sets the imaginary journey of a sophisticated tribal warrior within a date farm in her native country Barhein, renown for the production of the sweet fruits. Strongly committed to a sustainable approach to fashion design, Hala Kaiksow has woven the pieces from scratches on an hand loom to avoid any waste and minimize the impact of clothing production on the planet. Fine copper threads give to the clothes a precious and sophisticated look. Called “V” ( which is seven in Arabic), the collection was very much inspired by Indian traditional garments from the 15th century, and rural clothing from Japan and  from the Middle East. Many of the textiles have been dyed by Aryuvedic dyers that infuse the dyes with healing properties for the skin, to give the pieces an extra bit of magic. Through the collaboration with Scotti Hala Kaiksow pays homage to her roots and her deep connection with nature.

  • Sweet as Broken Dates – A Special on Hala Kaiksow SS20

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    Francesco Scotti


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    Hala Kaiksow SS20


    Azul @ Wihelmina Dubai

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