Thamanyah – Autumn / Winter 2015 – 2016

We wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way, begin no day where we have ended another day; and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us.

There is a certain nomadic feel that makes Ahmed Abdelrahman’s exquisitely sartorial creations truly unique. Since 2011, the Dubai-born designer behind the menswear luxury brand Thamanyah has been experimenting with textiles and silhouettes looking for the perfect blend between contemporary designs and Middle Eastern traditions. Thamanyah’s focus for the Winter 2015 set on the Bedouin approach to Western tailoring. With the idea of post-petroleum gentlemen in mind, Abdelrahman aimed to mirror the rapid economic growth of the United Arab Emirates and the consequent westernization of the society, which still remains tightly attached to its rich cultural heritage. Top-quality fabrics from renowned Italian Lanificio Cerruti gave to traditional kandoras a bespoke taste, representing a new alternative to the classic business suit. The contemplative appeal of the outfits was achieved through monumental proportions, purified from any unnecessary element according to Thamanyah’s minimalist philosophy. With controlled freedom, the garments gently fall along the shoulder and collar line, following the body’s movements and gestures. A surprisingly colorful palette featured beautiful dark green and petrol shades, which subtly referred to UAE’s black gold fever and oil-oriented economy.

  • Thamanyah – Autumn / Winter 2015 – 2016

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci



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