Thamanyah featuring Rigards Eyewear – Spring / Summer 2014

Ahmed Abdelrahman’s roots and clean cuts come from a very personal emisphere of a regulated, geometrised reality, a Vitruvian vision played onto the traditional mystery and fully externalised wealth of the Arab Emirates, which eclectic combination works out in Thamanyah’s figure.

Structured simplicity and anatomical cuts setting movement free whilst giving an architectural outline are a hard task to fulfil, requiring a personal expenditure of energy much greater than selling standards would require, conveying out in that closely spotless new craved onto one’s will.

Thamanyah’s tailoring envisions an hard process behind and across its birth making Ahmed often return on his garment’s perfecting process, realised in a factory in northern Italy.
The collaboration with Rigards Eyewear gave birth to a set of natural horn sunglasses, whose variegated shades reminds of the natural landscape in Emirates hinterland.

When power of resources meets creative vision a flower of possibilities blooms in an harsh land, building heights of purity and lines onto the raw, granular sand, reaching out to a concrete personal vision of order.

  • Thamanyah featuring Rigards Eyewear – Spring / Summer 2014

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci

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