The Viridi-anne – Chromatophore Fall/Winter 2013-2014

In the Parisian headquarter of The Viridi-anne a subdued, mystical aura reveals the silences of monochromatic colours making them whisper.

A meeting point of Europe and Japan speaks loudly in the figure of Tomoaki Okaniwa, human being, artist of reality. The moving feeling of colour, the inflexible strength of the ever present military references speak of years of attentive formation; of a culture shaped between the two culturally diverse places, yet drawn far away in its profound biological lines. What goes along the personal background goes ahead its past. The device is the cloth, the canvas is the male body, while the astonishing knowledge of reality of the subject draws a subtle alchemy in a vision of integrity; concretised in genuinely wearable clothes.
Chromatophore, deep blues and heavy greys singing their melody and silently transmitting their radiances in a colour transition towards the bare ambience, is somehow revealed by the surrounding white space, and in sacral dialogue with its light and shadows.

Humanity is a deep feeling of unity, is what black embraces in its essence as a colour. Deconstructed, black reveals its undertone, the inner shades, from which he depends as a child. The language of Tomoaki is as simple as clear; this inner expression is strength.

  • The Viridi-anne – Chromatophore Fall/Winter 2013-2014

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Marta Fattori


    The Viridi-anne

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    Rafael Dominiguez