The Winged Being by Beata Duvaker

Beata Duvaker explores the harmonious symbioses between the frame and silhouette of a body in movement and the curved statues of Jean Arp. 

The Swedish-born, Paris based photographer escaped the city to find uplifting creative retreat at Fondation Jean Arp, where the sculptor and artist shared his home and atelier with his first wife Sophie Taeuber. Mesmerized by the green and luminous surroundings and the intimate atmosphere conveyed by Arp‘s works, she investigated the synergies between the sculptures and the pieces created by the Australian emerging brand Bedroom the Label. Made to gently complement the women’s silhouette, the clothing wraps the body into flowing layers of organic cotton and linen that follow each movement in perfect tune. Like Jean Arp‘s sculptures, Bedroom the Label aims to liberate the inner self through the natural and simple beauty of pure lines. The intimate relation between the garments and the wearer stands out from Duvaker‘s pictures, as her subject reaches for the sky or bends for respiration. Both the clothing and the art shared the kind of organic feeling of things found in nature. Beata captured this subtle dialogue established between the artworks and the floating garments, catching the moving frame of the wearer in the same poetic way the Fall light reflected on the smooth, unbroken, lines of the statues in the garden. 

Focusing on the perception and liberation of the female’s body, Beata Duvaker‘s photography reflects the intimate collision between people and their surroundings. She strives to put on film pure emotions and grasp a sense of intimacy in poignant expressions, urban or green settings.

  • The Winged Being by Beata Duvaker

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Bedroom the Label

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