Third Eye Vision by Paley Fairman

Paley Fairman shoots Andie, Haley and Sarah in the haze light of the dying sun upon the Malibu hills. Despite the devastation caused by the fires earlier this Fall, Nature rise up in full bloom, birthing thousands green gems from the burnt three trunks, which beautifully manifests the eternal cycle of life. Messangers of this renaissance, the girls spread tender blessings upon the canyon gracing the collection of demi-couture gowns created by the artist, poet, spiritual teacher and RAMA Institue’s founder Guru Jagat. White as the highest state of light emanating from the aura, the dresses are sustainably made in los Angeles in collaboration with the designer liz Clayton and an atelier of local artisans. The long and flowing clothes are imbued with strength and give to the girls a statuesque appearance topped by a certain wild nobility against the untamed surrondings. Nymphs of today they announce the rebirth of tomorrow, glanced through the shiny reflection of Indigo Unveiled magic amulets.

  • Third Eye Vision by Paley Fairman

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    Paley Fairman


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