Thom Browne – Autumn / Winter 2015 -2016

The life of the ordinary man passes by in complete harmony. By living in the clearness of his all-white-world, he experiences the joy of predictable events and everyday routine. When it’s time to depart, he doesn’t oppose any resistance. He neatly paints his walls in black, wears his tailored black suit and closes his eyes embracing the eternal sleep.

The black parade begins. Mourners from the past march under a rain of black ashes all wearing Thom Browne’s Autumn / Winter 2015 -2016 flawless designs. Elongated jackets in Edwardian style and veils of bespoke lace suggest some kind of dark melancholy reminiscent of romantic dandies. Playful whale and turtle motifs leaven the gloom of the ceremonial presentation. Different textures are layered together to create depth and structured volumes. The extra fine details include embroideries, PVC and mink fur finishing. Above-the-knee coats worn with bare legs and socks give a unique example of tailored elegance injected with theatrical extravaganza.

Once again, Thom Browne creates the perfect blend of art and fashion. In this context, the narrative side of the performance was wonderfully balanced by the outstanding construction of garments and their rich embellishments.

  • Thom Browne – Autumn / Winter 2015 -2016

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


    Thom Browne

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